My Chicago Cubs Fidget Spinner Design

OK, so my Poop Emoji Fidget Spinner has been somewhat of a hit, I have had a bunch of sales on eBay and in my Etsy shop so that is super cool. The Poop Emoji Fidget Spinner YouTube video that I made on my phone in like 10 mins has over 800 views as of today, yikes!

So onto the next design!  My DH requested a few Chicago Cubs fidget spinners for a friend at work. Wanted to make it unique so instead of just the C logo I decided to use the cute bear cub logo. I think it came out pretty nice. My son loves it because it is a bit smaller than most fidget spinner and fits in his almost 6yo hand well. He can even balance it on one finger which he is super proud about lol.

I made a little video about it here, as you can see in the video we painted the face white on my son’s spinner and I think it makes it even nicer looking.

Made with my Duel Extruder Flashforge Dreamer machine, these will be up in my etsy shop as well in case you are a Cubs fan. I unfortunately am an Phillies fan and they stink this year. I have a great idea for a Philly Phanatic spinner though, he is the greatest mascot ever. I’ll have to get working on that!

If you have an idea for a fidget spinner design I should make please feel free to leave it in the comments. Maybe I will make it!

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